Monday, September 17, 2007

Rediscovering Decoupage

So the other day a friend of mine made the cutest family home evening board using scrapbook paper decoupaged to a board. It has been forever since I thought of decoupaging. It really is an awesome product. So I found this adorable wooden train for my nephew and decoupaged scrapbook paper to it. It turned out SO cute. I can't post photos of it for a few days though because my mom has my camera in New York (her camera broke). My mom without a camera is like a duck without feathers (you gotta love my metaphors). My mom went to NY to meet my sister so that she doesn't have to travel to UT with two kids alone. I am super excited about Amy's visit. We have projects galore!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Something New Has Been Added

Last Night when we got home Ryan looked in the backyard and saw that our back fence is FINALLY done!!!! When we bought our house 3 years ago they told us that they were going to build a church behind us and put in a fence. We have not heard a whole lot about it until April, when they announced in church that the new church would be started within a couple of months. Since then they have been teasing us. They show up to work for a day or two and then leave for a week. I like to say that they are building it on the tithing plan, they only work one day in ten. Some of my neighbors think that may even be putting it generously. They are supposed to be done with the building in a year, I think that is pretty optimistic.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Addiction

So today I discovered They have software that you download to create books. You can create photo books, cookbooks, poetry books, or blog books! It allows you to download all of the text and photos from your blog and publish it in a book. Hello Christmas gifts! It is really easy to use and I am impressed with the quality and quickness. Considering how much scrapbooking I have gotten done in the last 2 years I think that this will be my new scrapbooking solution. I am also working on learning to digital scrapbook. You can use blurb to make your digital scrapbook pages into a bound book, and it is way less expensive than printing each page at Costco. They don't make 12x12 books, but they do make 7x7, 8x10, and 13x11. Anyway I better actually get something done today besides blogging and blurbing :-)

Grandma's Projects

My mom always has a project, sometimes two or three at a time. After seeing crocheted hat's at Swiss Days she took on the task of making this hat for Emily. After a few tries this is what we got. I think that it is pretty cute, but hey what is not cute on this girl!

Hanging Out With Mom

Last week I went back to work. It actually is not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Emily comes with me and hangs out in her swing that is located behind my desk. I only work for about 3 hours a day, so it doesn't seem like all I do is work. I miss hanging out with my mom every day, but paying bills is nice too :-) Right now no one really knows that I am back at work, so the phone calls and e-mails are minimal, which means that I get way more done. My desk is even clean, something that almost never happens :-)

Open Door No Bunnies

This morning as I was doing laundry I noticed that the bunny cage was open and there were no bunnies in the cage.

It seems that we didn't quite secure the door last night. When I caught up with them Beatrix seemed to be quite pleased with herself. Those wascally wabbits!

Taking photos of bunnies is like...well I can't think of an appropriate metaphor for trying to capture something that moves much faster than I do.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Favorite Toy

I'm not sure that Emily has a favorite toy yet, in fact she is generally not interested in playing with, or touching toys yet. However, my most favorite toy is this little musical star. It is magic, all you have to do is touch it and Emily instantly becomes calm. Most of the time she falls asleep before the music stops playing. It is awesome at night. I don't have to try to figure out how to get her back to sleep in my sleep deprived state, I just have to put the star in the crib with her and she is happy.

In other news, I finished the nursery. It is a project I am pretty proud of so I am posting yet more pictures.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Growing, Growing, Growing

So when we went to my mom and dad's for Sunday dinner I was telling my dad how Emily is growing so fast. He asked how I weighed her. I told him I had to wait until I went to the doctor, which has already been 3 times since she was born. Then he came up with the idea of weighing her on the scale that he bought to make SCUBA weights. Our first attempt (pictured below) didn't work so well, but was sort of cute. Ultimately we found a platter and put that on the scale to get an accurate weight. As of August 26, 2007 she weighed 9 pounds 12 ounces. She is a good eater! At this point I think that growing takes most of her energy, because she sleeps most of the time :-)

Major Family Events

Labor day weekend was very eventful not only was it the first weekend of college football, Emily also was blessed. On Friday Ryan took the day off work and we met Pat, Sam, Annette, Charity, Celeste, Spencer, and Courtney in Midway for Swiss Days. I hadn't been to Swiss Days since I was about 5. Mostly it consisted of craft booths and people for as far as the eye could see. There were also carnival games and food vendors cleverly disguised as Swiss entertainment and food. Apparently someone thought that all you have to do is add Swiss to the title to make it authentic (e.g., "Swiss shaved ice", "Swiss carmel apples" get the picture). We bought lots of cute headbands and bracelets for Emily. Over all it was entertaining, but a bit hot.

On Saturday college football kicked off bright and early. Ryan, Emily, and I watched College Game Day for the first time as a family. It was a momentous occasion :-) Ryan spent the rest of the day watching mostly boring football games. They added a game to the schedule, which means that most teams added a ceremonial slaying of a cupcake division 2 team. It was however, amusing when Michigan (ranked 5th) lost to Division 2 Appalachian State. Go Big Blue! I think that Pete Carrol decided to save all his energy for Nebraska, so the Trojans looked pretty docile against Idaho. The first quarter was mildly entertaining, and it got worse from there. We didn't even watch the last quarter. Honestly I don't even know the final score, except that USC won and Idaho lost (but was not embarrassed).

Sunday morning we got up super early to make it to church by 8:30. There were about 5 babies born in my ward this month, so I assumed it would be a standing room only crowd. To my surprise, almost no one was there and Emily was the only baby blessed. I guess most people go on vacation for Labor Day :-) Ryan did a fantastic job blessing Emily, the spirit was so strong. We had most of our family and closest friends there, about 40 people in all. After church we all went to my mom's for lunch and to spend the rest of the day together.

The slide show document's the weekend's activities.

If you don't see the show go to