Friday, February 29, 2008

Emily's Favorite Things

This morning I shot some video of Emily doing her favorite things. I think she is pretty cute. She is wearing my most favorite jammies.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Emily Update

It has been a while since I have given an Emily update. Since she is learning so many new things everyday I thought I would share a few.
1. Yesterday she learned to splash in the tub. She loves to take baths. As she was trying to get her rubber duckie she threw both arms in the water, she didn't get the duck but realized that she could splash. The duck was quickly forgotten as she splashed away.
2. If something is not in her hands or mouth she is not happy. She loves to pick things up. She is not so much into her toys as she is is electrical cords, my ceramic tooth brush holder, my glass bottle of shells... Her dexterity improves everyday and she loves the challenge of picking up small objects.
3. We have survived her first real cold. About two weeks ago she had a little cough, this quickly turned into a BIG cough. It was kind of scary because I wasn't sure if it was in her lungs. It seems that my regimine of saline drops in the nose (not her favorite), tylenol, vicks baby vapo rub, a humidifer, and a vicks vapor light worked and she is on the mend. I discovered that baby colds are really gross and involve a lot of snot, crying, and sleeplessness. Not something I want to repeat soon. Now it sounds like Em is loosing her voice, so sad.
4. Em loves to eat. She will eat anything that you put in a bottle for her and loves baby food. I have been making my own baby food and I am quite pround of myself. I have made butternut squash, sweet potatoes, peas (not so successful), greenbeans, mango, applesace, pearsauce, and peaches. Right now my freezer is full of baby food. Em is also learning to feed herself, she loves the little Gerber teething sticks, one will keep her entertained for about 1/2 hour. The bad news however, is that they are super messy. I also bought this little thing that looks like a ring pop but where the candy jewel would be, there is a little net that you can put food in. Her favorite is when I put pears in it. She will suck on a pear for about 20 minutes.
5. Em is desperately trying to crawl. She knows how to get up on her hands and knees and some times she even gets on her hands and feet with her bum up in the air. She also knows how to move backwards, it is the forwards that is causing her some trouble. She is pretty proficient at making laps around the room though. I have a feeling she will be getting the hang of things soon. I am now in the market for baby gates. I am not sure how I am going to install one at the top of the stairs since there are no walls, just a wood railingon both sides (if anyone has suggestions I would love to hear them). I guess we will have to get out our thinking caps.

In other news, my house smells like a campfire. Last night we had the cub scouts over and we were learning to cook outside. One of the moms brought over a backyard fireplace and we started a fire. Then the boys ran in and out all evening while the fire was going. Today my house still smells like a cabin, yuck. I am hoping that it will go away soon. I have not heard anything from the neighbors, hopefully they are not too annoyed.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Winter Blues

Usually around this time of year I get sick of winter. The good news is that usually around this time of year the snow is melting and spring seems to be just around the corner. NOT THIS YEAR! Right now I am looking out my window and it is snowing AGAIN. In fact the forecast is for snow all weekend. The piles of snow next to my driveway are about 4-5 feet tall. I am afraid that my grass is all going to be dead underneath it.

I really am in the mood for gardening this year, but I am not sure if spring is ever going to come. I think that I am going to grow a salsa garden (Kim please tell me what kind of tomatoes you grow, your salsa is amazing). I will also grow veggies for the bunnies, and some for us too. I am hoping for some good raspberries this year. If anyone has any tips I would love to hear them.

The worst part about winter is the melting time. This is the time when it has stopped snowing and starts to melt, but everything looks dead and smashed. All the snow is dingy and dirty. The whole world looks like the part in Joe Versus the Volcano when they are trudging into work and there is one daisy (a glimmer of hope) and somebody carelessly steps on it. Everything looks grey, the sky, the snow, the grass, everything.

On the other hand my most favorite time of the year is the next part. It starts when the winter wheat fields at the base of the Oquirrh Mountains start to turn green. It is subtle at first but every day they become more brilliant. Usually the morning is the most glorious time. The sun shines through the bright white clouds, the sky is the most crisp and brilliant blue, the hills are green, and I am happy. All of the colors are so intense.

Really I don't think there is anything better about life than spring flowers. I love tulips, crocus, daffodils, and Iris. I love the way the little green shoots poke up through the soil, then there are weeks of anticipation until the bloom finally breaks out, and for several glorious weeks the world is awash in color. Then they shrivel up and the blooms blow away in the wind, and I have to wait a whole year to see them again.

Please spring come soon!

Cutest Husband Ever

I have the cutest husband in the whole world. Neither of us are really into forced holidays, so usually for Valentines we just decide to do something together (like go to the Anniversary Inn) and usually we don't really celebrate on the actual day because there are way too many people at the restaurants and flowers are 10 times more expensive than usual. This year since we did the Anniversary Inn thing a couple of weeks before Valentines, I really wasn't expecting anything. But Ryan came home from work with chocolates, a balloon, a cute stuffed dog, and the most awesome card ever (see scan below). He made it at work. I have to say that it was the best card I have ever gotten. He is so thoughtful and kind. I love him dearly.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Eventful Weekend

I had another awesome weekend. It started on Friday, when I made hair bows with my friend Jen. They were super cute and it was fun to have a few hours of girl time. Ryan is awesome, but sometimes I just need to hang out with other women.

Then on Saturday I went to my friend Cheryl's baby shower. She has been a good friend since I was in middle school and it was really fun to see how both of us are starting families. Lori (another friend from High School) said that she wanted to see Cheryl pregnant (Cheryl is REALLY short and petite, so she thought it would be quite a sight). So Lori the following photos are for you.

After the shower we headed to the cabin for a quick overnight stay. The weather was perfect and there was a TON of snow on the ground so we got to do some snowmobile riding, sledding, and photo taking. We used my mom's camera, so when I get copies of the photos I will post them.

By way of Emily news, Em is getting ready to crawl. She can scoot herself backwards around the room and can lift herself up on her hands and knees. I have been really surprised how quickly she is building muscles. She also has a cold, which neither of us have enjoyed very much. She has been super grumpy and has not been sleeping because she wakes herself up coughing. Finally last night she slept though the night and today she has taken a long nap (thank goodness for humidifyers). Hopefully she is on the mend.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Here are some pages that I worked on today.

Busy Baby

Thought you might be interested to see how busy Emily is these days. She is really into grabbing things. If she doesn't have something in her hands she is not happy. She will grab just about anything within reach. After she grabs it, the next step is to stick it in her mouth. You can also see that I put the long hairs on top of her head into a little pony tail. I think it is kind of cute. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. She is also getting very stable while sitting.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Last night I started reading a book and couldn't put it down until I was done at 2:00 am. When I tried to go to sleep, I just couldn't fall asleep. Finally, I got up and started writing the first chapter of the book that I have been thinking about for a long time. It really is not anything to be that excited about. I am not sure I will finish it or if I will ever let anyone read it. Basically it is a cheesy Mormon romance novel (my favorite type of book) that is very loosely based on my experiences in South Caicos. I have three pages done and it has been very fun to write so far. When I finally fell asleep it was about 5:00 am. Em woke up 3 hours later, and so did I. I did take a nap for about an hour this morning and tried to take a second nap for another hour later this afternoon, but again my mind was churning. This time it was about baby hair bows. I found out today that Jodi Fountaine is no longer making baby hair bows, which I am very sad about. For me half the fun of having a little girl is dressing her and putting cute things in her hair. So during my nap time I decided that I was going to make them on my own. After a couple stops at Target, Roberts, and Sally Beauty Supply you can see the results.

My fingers are burned, my craft room is a mess, and it is 2:00 am. However, I really like the bows. The bad news is that to get variety, you have to buy way too much of everything. So if anyone wants bows for your girl's hair, let me know. Now I am going to bed.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Will This Winter Ever End?

I have been so sick this winter. I have had sinus infections, colds, mysterious hives for a month...It seems just when I start to feel better something else comes along. Yesterday I spent most of the night throwing up, which was followed by the worst case of hives I have ever had. These photos are about 30 minutes after I took Prednisone and Claritin. When I first woke up my eyes were almost swollen shut and I even had hives inside my mouth and throat! Below are some not so glamerous photos, but I figure it is good to remember the good the bad and the UGLY :-)

Also I found these adorable tights on clearance at Target and could not pass them up. They are so cute on Em. Now I just wish that I would have bought a pair for next year too! You can see in the photo she is about to fall asleep and has some serious sleepy eyes.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Eventful Weekend

The last few days have been super eventful. On Thursday I woke up and realized that I needed a weekend away with my husband. So I booked a room at the Anniversary Inn in downtown Salt Lake. For those of you that I have not been it is quite an experience. The rooms are all different themes, last year we stayed in the Romeo and Juliet room (it came complete with a balcony). This year I opted for the jungle room. The shower was an elephant’s trunk (fun concept, poor execution), there was animal print galore (even on our jammies), and there was a tree in the middle of the room (below are some photos from the website). It was awesome! I told Ryan that we were going to the Blue and Gold Banquet for scouts. I told him that our ward building was booked, so it was at a place where one of the boy’s mom worked. He was totally not excited to be doing a scout dinner on his Saturday. I went ahead to "decorate for the banquet." He followed a little while later. I really wish I could have captured his surprise. He actually asked the front desk clerk where the boy scout dinner was. She just looked at him like he was insane. Then he called me and I told him to come to the third floor. He came up the stairs talking to me on the cell the whole time and said, "there are just a bunch of rooms." I said, "yes I know, come to the jungle room and say your password to get in.” At this point, it was finally dawning on him that this may not be a scout dinner. He just stood outside for about 1 minute until I opened the door. He looked around and saw the candles, chocolates on the floor, and animal prints and said "so I guess there is no scout dinner." That is the end of the story that I can tell the whole cyber world. Let's just say it is one of the few times that I have surprised my husband in 7.5 years and we both loved it. I am really bad at keeping secrets and it took all of my will power not to tell him. I am super proud of myself for keeping the secret to the bitter end.

On Sunday morning we woke up to go get Em from Grandma's, when my mom called to say that we should probably stay put since there was a BLIZZARD and they got 2-3 feet of snow (church was even cancelled). We were not sure we believed her because it was dry downtown. So about 12:00 Ryan headed home and I went to pickup Em. As I got closer to my mom's house I witnessed the insanity. The snow was deeper than I have seen it in the past 3 years we have lived here. I wasn't sure I was going to make it up the hill to her house. The snowplow was in front of me and got stuck! A fire truck came and about 10 firemen finally dug the plow out. Ryan called from our house and said that snow had drifted in our driveway to about chest deep (I am not lying). My parents (who are the nicest people in the whole world), came over with their snow-blower and dug us out. Right as we finished, it started snowing again. The news says that the worst is yet to come! We parked the cars in the driveway so that we won't have to shovel as much in the morning. We will just start the car, roll into the street and clean the car off. Then the plow will come by and build a giant wall of packed snow in front of the driveway. It is a constant battle. By the way, anyone reading this from a warm climate better not post about how it is sunny and warm. I don't want to hear about it. I don't think that the pile of snow by our driveway is going to melt until July!

While Ryan was out with the snow blower my mom and dad played some guitar hero. It was a classic moment. I will have to post a photo of my mom later. It was truly a moment I will not soon forget. My mom seemed to really like it, my dad seemed to be more annoyed by it than anything.

After the shoveling/plowing we went to a friend's house for a Super Bowl party. Ok, was that not the best and most tragic Super Bowl ever? I loved that the underdog won, I loved that it was a good game and that no one won on something stupid or controversial, I loved the heroic last drive to win the game; however, I felt really bad for the Patriots. I totally relived the year that the Trojans lost to Texas in the Rose Bowl. That was the most tragic game I have ever watched. A 34-game winning streak was broken in the final seconds of the game. I seriously spent the whole night dreaming about the game. It was awful, and I am only a fan, not a player. After that Ryan and I had to just keep telling ourselves, “it is just a game.” Have you ever seen that movie with Jimmy Falon where he is a huge Red Socks fan. His whole life is based on the Red Socks. Then one day after a sad loss they are sitting in a bar mourning and they look over and see the players eating dinner. Then he realizes that it is just a game and that he had more emotionally vested in the team than the players did. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a player after losing an epic game. How are they going to spend tonight? Are they going to go home take a bath, go to bed, and dream about it all night? Are they going to go get totally wasted and not dream about anything tonight? Wow I have a lot to say about a game that I really didn't care that much about.

Anyway, tomorrow is Monday. I LOVE Monday's. Monday is a fresh slate. It is a chance to start over, to stick with the diet, to have a clean house, to read my scriptures every night, to work more hours, to watch less TV, to exercise more... Monday is full of possibilities. Friday is just a day to get through so that you can relax for the weekend. Friday is a day to put off all the things that you should have done during the week until Monday. Monday I have energy, I can conquer the world. Friday I am tired and I just want a nap.