Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Digi Scrapbooking

Several people have asked me what I do with the digital scrapbook pages that I make. My plan is to have them published once a year in a bound book. I did a lot of searching and this is the best site that I have found for publishing . It is much more inexpensive for large square books than any other site I have found. I also plan to make a blog book once a year using I have tried blub and was happy with the result, I have not tried vovio yet. I'll let you know how it goes in July. The only thing that I have been a bit bugged about is that they only let you upload 300mb, and I think that a year's worth of pages are going to be bigger than that. I will let you know if I find a solution.

First Daffodils

As I have recently mentioned I LOVE SPRING. It is by far my most favorite season. I have been dying for spring to get here. About a week and a half ago I couldn't take it anymore so Ryan and I went to Lowes and bought pansies, lettuce, and broccoli. We also got an awesome rake that gets the thatch out of your lawn. So as we were walking out of the store with our purchases it started to snow! Big white fluffy flakes. I was SOOOO mad. So I took my beautiful spring purchases into the house and I have been desperately trying not to kill them since. I am hoping to plant them soon, but I see more snow in the forecast.

Monday I saw a sight that I have been aching for, the first daffodils. I was walking into the place that is fixing the damage on my car (yes I still have not fixed it since New Year's) and I saw a beautiful little daffodil and one little purple hyacinth. It made my whole day. I have tulips and daffodil es in my front planter, but it is north facing, so they are usually REALLY late and a little retarded, but I love them SO much.

Anyway I just wanted to say that I am really happy spring is finally here. This morning when I went to take the garbage out I went out without any shoes and it wasn't even cold. In fact this morning was just about perfect.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Easter was super fun. Em makes all holidays more fun. Below are just a few of the super cute photos of the day. I will post more tomorrow.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Birthay Grandpa

It was my dad's birthday a few weeks ago. Below are some of my favorite photos of Em playing with the balloons.

A Day In the Life of Em

So I took some video the other day that pretty much highlights our daily activities. These days Em is SOOOO wiggly. She is not happy if she is not moving. She reminds me of the Energizer Bunny she pretty much goes until she drops. Getting dressed or having diapers changed is torture because it means she has to stop moving for more than 3 seconds.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Blue Eyes

I loved this photo because it is one of the few where you can actually see how blue Em's eyes are (the eye color is not retouched).

Sunday, March 16, 2008

One Evil Little Piece of Thread

So a couple of nights ago we are getting Emily ready for bed, jammies were on and I was feeding her a bottle before taking her upstairs and putting her to bed. Toward the end of the bottle she just started SCREAMING. Emily is not a big crier and is usually really easy to soothe, I've discussed before how much she likes to eat, so I was a little surprised that she was so upset. Considering it was well after bed time I just figured that she had had it for the day. I went and put her to bed. She didn't go down quite as easily as normal, but did fall asleep pretty quickly. I went downstairs and about 5 minutes later she was screaming again. So I went back up rocked her for a few minutes and put her back to bed. This continued for about 3 hours. She seemed to be exhausted, but would wake up about 5 minutes after going to bed. I knew something was wrong with her because I had never heard her scream like this, but I couldn't figure it out. I checked her mouth for teeth but couldn't feel anything, checked for blood but didn't see any. She finally fell asleep for about 3 hours, but woke up screaming again. By this time it was 3:30 in the morning and I was more than frustrated. I decided to change her diaper. When I pulled her feet out of her footie pajamas it quickly became apparent what the problem was. There was a thread in the ankle that hadn't been cut, when I put her foot in it stretched across the bottom of her foot and went right between her toes. It would be like standing on a string for 6 hours. Her poor little foot was all red a sore and there was a giant crease in the chubby padding on the bottom of her foot. I felt like the world's biggest jerk. The second I took her foot out she went from super angry baby to world's happiest baby. She started babbling and kicking her feet. So new rule, when baby suddenly acts like she is hurt and you can see no visible problems, take her clothes off, give her a bath if necessary. Sorry Em I promise I am figuring things out, it just takes awhile.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

We Have a Crawler in the House

So Emily is now officially crawling. She has been threatening to crawl for weeks. All it took to get the forward momentum was extreme motivation. Ryan sat down to eat (yes I know it's bad, but we usually sit on the floor in front of the TV). I was still in the kitchen when I heard "she's crawling, come see." When I walked into the living room I saw Emily trying to attack Ryan's food. He kept pulling her back and she would crawl right back to the plate. After a couple of times, I had to get it on video. Note there is Enya in the background, mostly because I am sick of hearing videos with me breathing in the background. Also in the video you will see her sad little drag/crawl once she started getting tired. This kid will pretty much do anything for food. She loves to eat, as evidenced by her little Buddha belly.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ribbon Obsession

Ok so I think that I may need to enter some type of ribbon rehab. I love making bows for Emily's hair. I have more ribbon than she has hair (her poor little pony tail of fine baby hair dwindles down every day, I can't wait for her permanent hair to get longer).

I have been no-so-patiently waiting for them to open a new Michaels by my house. I have been there three times in anticipation, but alas they were never open. Today I went to the big, new, shinny store and what to my wondering eyes should appear? Racks and racks of the cutest ribbon you have ever seen. I wanted to buy it all but restrained myself and only bought 6 spools. The spools vary in price from $.50 - $3.99. The stuff I bought was all only $1.99. I will have to start watching their ads because I know that the ribbon occasionally goes on 50% off sales. Just thought other bow makers out there would want to know.

Uncle Don

Today I went to my Uncle Don's Funeral. He was a really great man. He was very loving and kind and fun. I haven't seen him in a few years and I was surprised by how much I missed him. When I was in high school he and Anne would come over for dinner a lot and he heard about many of my unfortunate car incidents. He is the one that gave me the nickname "Crash." Today when I saw Anne she gave me a big hug and said "Crash! I am so glad you came." Anne (Don's wife) has always been such a good example to me. She is my grandma's sister and has always been so good about keeping an eye on my grandma and grandpa. She is so kind and always serves others.

At Don's funeral I started to think of what people would say about me when I died. It inspired me to do better, be more kind, serve more, be a better wife, mother, and friend. It was the good kind of inspiration, not the guilty kind.

Don will be missed by many including me.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Odds and Ends

Today my mom and I went shopping. We found two pairs of the cutest shoes ever! The white ones are for her Easter dress and the sparkles are for whatever. I wish I could get away with wearing silver sparkly shoes. When I tried the silver ones on Em she just stared at them. I think she liked the pretty sparkels. I think she was also a big fan of the giant rubber band that held them together!

Ok so this is the shelf in Emily's room. Today I decopauged the flower onto the center pot. I am trying to decide if I like it or not. So what do you think? Should I add flowers to the other pots? Leave it like it is? or Turn the pot with the lettuce around so you can't see the flower?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Glorious Day

Yesterday was a glorious day. It was warm and sunny outside so I opened my blinds and even a window and I started cleaning. Not just picking up, but really cleaning I cleaned my bathroom floor (that pretty much never happens), I washed everything that was washable on my bed, I vacuumed in two directions, cleaned my blinds, dusted every flat surface, and did a ton of laundry. My office is still a disaster and I have a few other odds and ends that need to be done, but I am feeling pretty good about myself. I didn't even do it because I knew someone was coming over, I just did it because it is finally spring.

So it seems Emily's biological clock has set itself to daylight savings time. This week she started doing everything an hour earlier, weird hu? Also she is becoming quite the babbler. She makes so many cute sounds. Sometimes I look at her and it seems that she is telling me a story. She seems to expect me to understand it. I just smile and make weird noises back. It is sort of like we are having a conversation that only the two of us can understand. She loves it and will just sit in my lap (she is not so much a cuddler, she wants to be moving all the time, so sitting still is quite an accomplishment). She is now very proficient at saying "da da." Ryan is pretty impressed, but we both acknowledge that "da da" is not really associated with a meaning yet. This morning when I went to get her from her crib she was calling the crib bumpers da da. Sorry honey it looks like you have been thrown over :-)

Below are some new scrapbook pages. I am obsessed with scrapping all the current stuff, but have a really hard time going back to the old photos that I still have not scrapped.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Easter Dress

Em's Easter dress came yesterday. It is SOOOOO cute. I am super excited about it. I can't wait for everything to turn green so we can take photos outside of her in her super cute dress. I am thinking it will definately be worn at the tulip festival. I am still looking for a cute white or purple sweater and shoes, so if anyone has any ideas let me know.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday's Lesson

Today I taught Relief Society. It was the first Sunday of the Month, so they just told me to teach something that had to do with prophets and conference. I decided to do some research into the lives of the new first presidency. It was fascinating the things that I learned about them. It made them more real and it also helped me to understand what amazing men they are. I highly recommend reading about them at and President Monson is an amazing man. I am so happy we will have the opportunity to learn from him and be lead by him.

I promised the women in my ward that I would post some ideas that I read, about making conference a more family friendly event. See ideas below, I hope they help. I know I was inspired to make conference more meaningful for myself.

1. Put lessons from conference to use immediately. Some families did a recap after each session giving children a chance to talk about what they learned. Others did a conference recap for FHE the next Monday.

2. Study and Discuss. We learn more from the talks when we take the time to really study them. Choose one lesson a week and have your whole family study it. Then discuss it during FHE (I think this is a good FHE for couples with no kids too).

3. Hearing the voice of the messenger. Conference is available on DVD, MP3, reruns on the BYU channel, or you can Tivo it. It is nice to be able to just listen to one talk at a time. If you put it on your ipod you can listen while you clean or take a walk.

4. Help Children Learn from conference. There is a listen to our leaders word search available here
it is good for kids (and adults that have a hard time listening, I think I am in that category). Another mom made cut and paste activities and put them in a special paper bag for her kids to play with during conference. Another idea was to make a book with blank pages and let kids draw pictures of what they hear in the talks, then talk about the pictures. Another idea was to have kids write notes and talk about the talks, then give them .10 for each talk they took notes on. The money could then be used to go out to ice cream for FHE. Another idea was to have the kids act out the stories from the talks during FHE.

5. Reminder Notes. During conference make notes of things that really touch you on note cards, then put the note cards in places you will see them (next to your computer monitor, on your bathroom mirror...)

6. Make it Special. Make a special breakfast before conference. Do chores before conference so everyone can just relax and listen. Have snacks during conference (think Super Bowl party with less cheering). Plan something fun to do between sessions of conference.

7. Make it a Priority. Set time aside to listen to conference. Tell kids that they don't have to listen to all the talks, but you do expect that they allow you to listen.

8. Prepare in advance. Help children to understand the importance of conference. Pray for church leaders. Show kids photos of church leaders and help them to get to know who each man is. Put photos of first presidency in your home. If kids are familiar with who they are, they will be more interested in listening.

9. Tell children to listen with questions in their minds. How can this help me in school, with friends, at work? How can I apply this to every day life? What goals can I set to live this principle.

10. Don't expect small children to watch every talk. They will get bored and dislike conference.

Hopefully these tips are helpful. I am now super excited for conference.