Thursday, July 10, 2008

Almost a Year

Emily is almost a year and lately there have been so many changes. She is now drinking milk not formula. She had no problem switching, yeah! She loves to eat yogurt. This morning she ate a giant portion of strawberries and vanilla yogurt. I figured it would take her 10 or 15 minutes to eat it. I looked over about 5 minutes later and it was ALL gone.

She is walking pretty confidently now. She can make it across the whole house without a problem. She knows how to stand up on her own without pulling up on anything. She is still into everything. She knows how to open cupboards and loves to pull everything out.

Everyday it seems her vocabulary is growing. I will be talking to her and randomly she will say one of the words that I just said. I will try to get her to say it again, but she refuses. She loves to play with her ball and says "ball" when she picks it up or throws it. She also likes to play puzzles with me. I put the pieces in and she takes them out and says "out." She does the same thing when we are putting away toys (well at least I am putting away toys).

She is now in a big kid car seat that faces forward. She LOVES it. She loves listening to music and often dances along or claps her hands. She is starting to be much more giggly and lots of things make her laugh uncontrollably.

She has two little teeth and I think that she may be working on a few more.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So as it turns out we are having another baby! Trust me we were more shocked than anyone. Yesterday I went to the doctor (who I really like) and found out that I am almost 11 weeks along and the baby is due January 29th. I can't wait to find out the gender so I can start getting the nursery ready. This pregnancy has been really different from my last. I have been way less sick and way more tired (thus I have not been posting, cleaning, or doing much more than watching TV in my free time). I think that it might be a boy. Although this time I totally don't care if it is a boy or a girl. The first time I was really hoping for a girl.

Last weekend Emily and I went to CA with my mom and dad to visit my grandma. It was a nice, but very short trip. Emily did pretty well on the 20+ hour drive. My mom had this really annoying kids Christmas CD. Everytime Emily would get fussy we would listen to "Grandma got Run Over By a Reindeer" or "I'm Getting Nothing for Christmas." She would instantly settle down and totally rock out until she fell asleep. She would shake her head hands and feet to the music. It was really cute. She was not as big of a fan of Simon & Garfunkel (which I found out both my parents like, wierd!) or Lion King. It was only the Christmas music that did the trick. At least when we crossed the Bonneville Salt Flats it looked a little like Christmas! We were in CA for the 4th and since there are over 1,000 wildfires currently burning, the City cancelled the fireworks show. We didn't see one firework the whole weekend, sad.