Friday, January 30, 2009

Stir Crazy

So I think that Emily is going a little stir crazy. This morning she brought me her shoes and insisted that I put them on. Then she brought me her coat and wanted that on too. Then she went to the front door and said "nana, papa, nana, papa." She didn't understand why we were staying inside after all she was ready to go. I just found her sitting at my sewing machine pulling all the thread out. AHHHH!

Unfortunately Emily has developed a cold. She is congested and has a really bad cough and runny nose, but no other symptoms besides not sleeping well. She seems to be feeling pretty good, but is a little carrier monkey that we are trying to keep away from Chloe and other kids. I will be really happy when she feels better and can go play with other kids.

Chloe has started sneezing and I am terrified of her getting RSV. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. At this point she seems to be doing ok except for the sneezing.

Emily is trying so hard to be a good sister. She now calls her "koey" or "siser." She is very gentle with her. This morning when I was changing Chloe's diaper Emily came over and held her hand it was very cute. I wish I could introduce them a little better, for now I am constantly telling her to stay away from the baby. When Chloe is rocking in her swing Emily stands next to her and says "rocka babe."

Emily has turned into a chatter box in the last few weeks. She walks around imitating everything we say, it cracks me up.

I promise I will post more photos soon. I am a little overwhelmed with two babies. They are both very good but there are lots of demands and I am not quite 100% yet.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Home At Last

Warning: sorry for the travel log, but I really want to journal Chloe's first few days so I don't forget them.

So yesterday we got home from the hospital. It was so nice to have both girls home. Emily was really happy to be home, but last night Ryan moved the rocking chair from her room to Chloe's room and she was NOT a fan. She has spent most of the morning mourning the loss of the chair by rocking in it and reading books in Chloe's room.

Last night went pretty well. Chloe seems to be most awake from about 8:00 pm to 12:00 am. She really didn't cry all night, but she made these little whimper noises that I just could not ignore so we spent a lot of time in and out of the bassinet. She was not a fan of the bassinet so she slept in our bed for a while, which made both Ryan and I nervous. Fortunately about 2:30am Ryan suggested swaddling her, which totally worked and she slept the rest of the night in the bassinet. Emily hated to be swaddled so I didn't even think of it.

Chloe has turned into quite the little chow hound and wants to eat every two hours. I am not used to infants that WANT to eat. Ryan and I spent many frustrating nights trying to keep Emily awake long enough to eat.

Chloe has these little monkey toes that are super long and skinny. When you touch the bottom of her feet she curls them around your finger it is so funny.

I remember when Emily was born I would look at her and it was startling to see so much of myself in her. Last night when I was watching Chloe I could see the most distinct characteristics of Ryan. The girls are so different, but it is amazing how much I love them both.

Emily seems gigantic compared to Chloe it is amazing how fast babies change. In fact Chloe changed so much between the first and second day that when the nurse brought her to me from the nursery I had to check her ankle band just to be sure she was mine.

Ry has been awesome. He has been so helpful and so cute with Emily. He has been trying to pay extra attention to her so that she doesn't feel neglected. I feel bad because he hasn't had a good night of sleep in days, but has been at my beck and call, never complaining. Last night he had to run into the office and didn't get home until 2:30 am. This morning he has finally had a chance to catch up on some much needed sleep. Hopefully we can both get some extra sleep today.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sweet Baby Girls

Yesterday Emily came to visit her sister for the first time. It was SOOOOO cute. The first time she saw Chloe she climbed up in my lap and said "hat, hat, hat" she was really excited that Chloe was wearing a fuzzy pink hat just like her's. After that she noticed that there was a baby and said "baby, baby, baby." She was very cute about covering her sister with a blanket. I can tell we are going to have to work on being gentle though. The "gentle" pats were closer to hits. Yesterday Emily also named her stuffed dog CoCo, which incidentally is the same thing she calls her sister.

My parents have been watching Em for the past two days, which has been really nice so that Ryan and I have had a chance to bond with Chloe (thanks mom and dad you are awesome). Today my mom has Em at church, which I am pretty sure will be an adventure for Grandma. I think Grandma will need a serious break this afternoon. Last night my parents came bearing gifts of Cafe Rio and bunt cake from Nothing Bunt Cakes (seriously AMAZING cakes). Emily was excited to see us, but was also happy when we said good bye and she went home with the full attention of Nanna and Papa. It makes me happy that she has such a good relationship with her grandparents (I wish Ryan's parents lived closer, but at least it is a quick drive to St. George).

Chloe is doing really well. Last night she slept like a champ. She slept from 1 am to 5:30 am, when I woke up from a scary dream and went in pursuit of her in the nursery. With Emily I felt like I would be a terrible mother if I sent her to the nursery. With Chloe I realize that we have the next 18 years to bond, so I happily sent her to the nursery in hopes of getting some good sleep. I woke up rested and much less irritable, which is a must for beginning breast feeding. Chloe is a really good eater when she is in the mood and a terrible eater when she is tired. Unfortunately she seems to only be in the mood 2-3 times a day. I think we will get it though.

Chloe seems to have the same mellow, happy, and sleepy disposition Emily had. With Emily everyone told me that it would pass and she would turn into a screamer, but she never did. I am really hoping the same is true for Chloe, it is so nice to have a mellow baby that likes to sleep.

Here is a photo with her eyes open, a rarity so far.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pure Bliss

So last night at 5:20 we added Chloe Robin to our family. She is named after her grandpa Samuel Robin Hales. She is 7 lbs 7 oz and 21 inches long. Labor and delivery was totally uncomplicated and a wonderful experience (thanks to a fantastic epidurl and a great hospital with excellent staff). I am feeling SO GOOD (which I am as surprised about as anyone else). I ADORE my doctor who made the whole process very pleasant. Chloe is a very mellow and sweet baby. She is eating well and she is pretty alert. She is much different than Emily. Emily looks a lot like me and Chloe looks much more like her daddy. Here are the first photos... There will be lots more soon.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Can Finally Stop Complaining

Sorry to all of you that have heard my constant whining and complaining over the last several weeks. The good news is that my doctor agreed to induce me tomorrow. Next post should include photos of New Baby. That's right we still don't have a name...Amy (my sister) likes New Baby, but I just don't see that as something that a kid can grow up with :-) Peter (my nephew) thinks we should name her Abby (like his sister), I think that may be a bit confusing. Any other suggestions will be considered. At this point my top two are Chloe or Samantha. I am pretty set on Robin as her middle name.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Still No Baby

For those of you who are wondering, New Baby is still not here. I thought that I was going into labor this morning, so I went to the doctor. In fact I am just crazy and am not yet in labor. I am dilated to a 3 and 60% effaced, but that is what I was almost a week before I was induced with Em. Right now I am mostly just really grumpy, I feel bad for those around me. Everything hurts and I am having a hard time keeping anything solid down. Ok enough complaining. I will update when we know more.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Here are some videos I have taken in the last few days, I think they are pretty cute. The first is her singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in the car. The second is her going through her animal noises, she was a little camera shy and forgot a few, but it is still pretty cute. My favorite is the sheep. The third video is of her showing her body parts.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

NOT a Happy Camper

Ok so sorry everyone this is the part of my pregnancy when I really start to whine. Today I went in for my 38 week appt. Since I was between a 1 and a 2 last week and since I have pretty much been miserable all week, I assumed that I would be at least at a 3. Last night I didn't sleep pretty much all night, I got up this morning and packed my bag, just in case. I got to the Dr. and he said if you are miserable let's start you. He totally got my hopes up and then he checked and found that NOTHING has happened since last week. NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! So I made an appointment for next week, an appointment that I am seriously hoping to not make. Are you kidding me! This is a seriously stubborn kid.

In other news this morning I got video of Emily singing twinkle twinkle little star while we were driving in the car. I think it may be illegal in several states to video while driving, but it is seriously the cutest thing you have ever heard. The words were mostly wrong, but she was SO happy I couldn't help but smile. I will try to post it tonight when I get home from work.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One of Those Days

Today started with Emily pooping on the floor while I was getting ready, and it has pretty much been downhill from there. When will I learn that diapers MUST be worn at all times? And why does everyone have to give you bad news on the same day?

On the bright side, we went to Emily's 18 month appointment and she is doing very well. She is 25.8 pounds (78th percentile), 32.75 inches tall (89th percentile), and her head is 19 inches (93rd percentile). She is growing like a weed and meeting or exceeding all the developmental milestones.

Her favorite thing to say is "Thank you mama" it is so cute and often she even says it to strangers. She does tons of animal noises. She is working on shapes and colors right now. She knows most of her body parts. She LOVES animals and carries her Dalmatian puppy with her everywhere she goes. She is happy most of the time, but definitely has a stubborn side. She is sleeping very well in her toddler bed and I usually find her in the morning laying in bed talking to her stuffed animals.

I am not sure if she is ready for baby Chloe, in fact I am not sure any of us are ready for baby Chloe (at least that is what we are calling her for now), but she will be here in the next two weeks, ready or not. So far I am in exactly the same place I was with Emily. At 37 weeks I was dilated to a 1-2. I go in again on Thursday and I am expecting more progress. Physically I can't wait to have her, in every other way I think I need more time. I'll update on Thursday after my appointment.

Friday, January 9, 2009

It Seemed Like A Good Idea...

So I have been trying to work on the new baby's room. So far we have successfully moved a lot of the stuff from the office to the loft, put up the crib, and put vinyl butterflies on the wall. I saw this little beauty at Pottery Barn and thought that it would be adorable over the baby's crib.

I looked at the price tag and quickly decided that I could do it my self. Today I scoured every craft and scrapbook store in the valley with a very grumpy little girl in tow, only to discover that NO ONE (Michaels, Roberts, Joanns, Heartland Paper, Pebbles in My Pocket, Walmart...) carries a jumbo butterfly punch. Hearts, yes; flowers, yes; squares and circles galore, but no butterflies. Finally I turned to the Internet...After searching for about an hour I finally found one. I am not sure when it will be here, but I really hope that this project doesn't suck when I am done. Right now I am constructing the frame for the top out of a quilting hoop and little balsam wood sticks, wish me luck.

Next time I am going to make these instead, they look way easier...