Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I actually finished something

So thanks to my mom I actually finished a project that I started (within a week of buying the materials even)! We made these 5 dresses in about 5 hours. I am really happy with them. I made the headbands using the extra onsie fabric. The matching blue and pink ones are for Chloe and Emily to wear to church.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Elephant Pee and Other Surprises

Today was an amazing spring day. It was warm and beautiful out, so we decided to take the girls to the zoo. Emily loved it. For her the highlights included a wild turkey that was almost close enough to touch, the howler monkey that came right up to the glass to pose for us, the black bears, the big horn sheep, and the giraffes. At the end of the day we rode the train. I didn't really think that she was that impressed with it until it was time to get out. She just sat in the little seat. I said "Emily it's time to go." She just looked at me and very emphatically said "NO." We basically had to drag her away kicking and screaming. I think she could have ridden the train all day. I think the highlight for me was the elephants. Have you ever seen an elephant pee? I hadn't. It was quite amazing. I think that it peed at least 5 gallons and not just a little stream, it looked like the whole animal just opened up and dumped out. Ok maybe the description is too gross, but really it was an amazing sight. My other favorite moment of the day came when we were looking at the male big horn sheep (who was quite well endowed), and the little girl next to us points at the sheep and says "daddy what's that under the sheep, is it an egg?" The dad gave Ryan this look that said "HELP," and just said "yeah it is something like that." It was hard not to bust up laughing. I am sad I left my camera in the car. I guess we will just have to go again sometime soon.

By the way I am thinking that I want to make a bunch of flower hair clips for the girls for spring. I was hoping to get a group together and we could all bring different color flowers and swap them. I hate having to buy bunches of flowers in every color. So if you are interested in joining us leave a comment and say if you would prefer getting together on a Monday morning or Friday evening (after 8:00).

Friday, March 20, 2009

Conversations with a 20 Month Old

So today this is how the conversation went...

Me: P (short for peanut) do you want some lunch?
P: no response.
Me: How about mac and cheese?
P: No (very cute with a big smile).
Me: Spaghettios?
P: No (still smiling).
Me: a sandwich?
P: No (now giggling).
Me: chicken?
P: No chicken.
Me: corndog?
P: No.
Me: yogurt?
P: No.

Ok now I have officially run out of options, looks like I am making mac and cheese.

Me: Mac and Cheese? Yes.
P: Yes.

Yeah! We have a yes, just took a little persuasion. She has been SOOOOO cute today. So far she has given her dog a pretend bath (we had a long conversation about how we don't need water for pretend baths, looks like the conversation worked, for now). She has stuck a whole sheet of star stickers everywhere imaginable, and has taken all of the CDs out of the cupboard. The last two were a little annoying, but she was SOOO happy while she was doing it. Just add one more little mess to the disaster :-)

Chloe has been adorable too. She has discovered the mirror over her swing and has been staring at herself and smiling all morning. I better go, she is hungry.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chick Fil-A Bandwagon

So tonight after feeling sick all day (changing weather= bad sinuses), Emily had a melt down of epic proportions, about the time I was devising a plan to sell her to the gypsies, I instead opted for take out.

Recently a Chick-Fil-A opened near our house. I really didn't understand the fascination with the place, and certainly was not willing to camp out on a cold winter night for free food. Since it opened we have been a few times and I think that they put crack in their chicken. Something about it is addicting and delicious, the more times you go the more you want it. So tonight I decided that I wanted chicken, and as an added bonus Emily got to play in the kiddy jungle gym and I didn't have to watch her scream hysterically while wiping her sad little slobbery face all over me. When we got there we discovered that Wednesday night is family night. Not only do you get a free kids meal, there was also face painting, and a craft (foam Easter eggs that you got to put stickers on). Emily LOVED LOVED LOVED it. It was two hours of bliss. I am totally on the Chick-Fil-A bandwagon. Holy cow what has my life come to...the best thing that happened to me involved a free kids meal and a giant plastic jungle gym.

Yesterday we went to the petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point. It was awesome. Emily loved the animals especially the goats that ate out of our hands. She was also a fan of the bunnies, chickens, the pony ride, and the Sicilian donkey (which I later found out bites). I can't wait to go back. I will post photos soon.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Funny Emily

Tonight Emily was cracking us up. As we were getting ready for bed we were reading books, singing songs and counting. Counting went a little something like this "1, 2, 3, 5, 6, Second, 8, 9, 10. Apparently she has a hard time remembering 4 and 7 is actually second. After some counting it was time for prayers. She was not happy with Ryan's effort to fold his arms during the prayer so she looked at him and said "daddy fold arms." When Ryan complied with her demand she said "good girl." Right before bed we were putting laundry away and she would hand me the clothes and say "thank you," which is usually what I say when she helps me unload the dishes. She is at such a cute age she totally cracks me up.

Friday, March 13, 2009


This morning Emily has been having a ball. Mikell came over to play and the two of them danced, sang, laughed, and jumped until they were exhausted. It made me grateful that my two girls are so close in age. It also made me anxious for when they will start playing and laughing together. Now Mikell has gone home and Emily is SOOOOO grumpy.

Chloe is now sleeping in her own bed! She is sleeping 4-5 hours at a time!!!! She is eating well, sleeping well, and starting to give us melt your heart smiles.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Questions I have been asking myself a lot lately:

Why is the toilet the most fun place in the house to play, and why am I considering not stopping the activity just so I can get something done?

Why does paper only hold momentary coloring pleasure, while walls, furniture, and computer screens provide hours of entertainment?

Why do chapstick and dirty bathwater taste SO good?

Why does Emily crave being free of me at the grocery store, but can't get enough of me when I am trying to do something (e.g., blogging, cleaning, anything productive)?

Why do temper tantrums have to involve so much screaming? (I would be ok with quietly sitting on the floor looking irritated)

How do I remove the rainbow of colors from Emily's clothing on a daily bases, and where did that green stain come from?

Don't even get me started on scissors.

I guess I better enjoy her while she is little, even if it means mopping up the bathroom floor and cleaning the walls a lot.

Here is a photo of the finished mobile. This project shared many similarities with taking 21 cubscouts fishing. It was very tedious and required untangling a lot of fishing line. I totally recommend paying the $80 at pottery barn.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I think that life is finally back to normal (well mostly). I have gradually been going back to work. It has been nice to get back and work on my projects. It sounds crazy, but I really like my job. It gives me a nice break from my kids and I love them so much more after a few hours away. I love the people I work with, they have been so flexible and supportive the last few months.

The last few days have been a little rough with the girls. It seems that when one stops crying the other starts. Chloe has been super fussy and Emily has been super whiney. Neither of them have been sleeping well. I started to feel a little frustrated and sorry for myself when I read this blog... Don't read it unless you are prepared to cry, a lot. I can't imagine loosing one of my babies. In fact just thinking about it makes me almost hysterical. So I guess the moral of the story is that I am going to try harder to enjoy every moment of their sweet little lives. I am also going to enjoy that really there is not a lot going on in my life at the moment. We went to Charity's volley ball game, we went to lunch with my mom and dad, I finally finished the butterfly mobile (yes I will post photos soon), I started a new book, it looks like Emily has 4 new teeth about to come in, Chloe has been a little congested, I am about to move Chloe into her own room so we can both sleep a little better (she has stated to be restless for about an hour before she is ready to eat and I can't sleep the whole time), Chloe has given us a few "melt your heart" smiles and giggles in the last few days, I have been making a serious effort to keep my house clean and have actually mostly accomplished it (at least it has not been the disaster it was when I was pregnant) although keeping up with Emily is a major chore, Emily has been climbing a lot more and has fallen off every chair in our house...that pretty much sums it up. Life has been blissfully boring, and I am so grateful.

Below are a few photos from Chloe's blessing...

This is the closest thing we have to a family photo

Thanks everyone for coming.

My mom, me, an uncooperative Emily, and Chloe.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So I have been scrapping up a storm. I think I need to take a break soon or I may never get anything done. Thank you Vivian for taking photos of the girls, they turned out so good. I had a hard time narrowing them down for these pages.

In other news we blessed Chloe this weekend. It was such a wonderful experience. She has such a sweet spirit and we are so lucky to have her in our family. I will post lots of photos soon. Shalaco and Lori and Pat and Sam came up and we had lots of fun bouncing on the inflatable funhouse at Classic Skating. We also had a big BBQ with lots of family and friends after church on Sunday. Thank you to all who came, and to those that didn't make it we missed you. Our families are getting so big these days that it is hard to all get together, we hope we didn't make anyone feel bad that we didn't remember to invite. I'm not sure we could have squeezed anyone else in our little house :-)