Monday, April 27, 2009

So Much Fun

We have been having so much fun lately that I haven't had much time to post. I plan to scrapbook a million photos, but I will post the highlights...

Holy cow I actually got Emily to smile AND look at the camera! Here are some photos from the other day at Discovery Gateway. I seriously love that place.

Here are the girls on Easter morning. When Emily found her eggs she picked each of them up started shaking them and said "1, 2, 3 shake it" Then she would put them down and pick up the next egg. It was super cute.

My cute little Chloe bunny!
Emily thanking Grandma for her Easter haul!
On Arbor Day we went to Red Butte Gardens, since admission was free. My neighbor invited me and a few of her other friends that I didn't know. The gardens were amazing, but parking was a nightmare. Let's just say I got a major workout pushing two girls in the stroller. Emily was thrilled to run with the other kids. Chloe spent the afternoon snoozing in the stroller, so I don't have any photos of her frolicking in the flowers :-) Emily was pretty impressed with the flowers, we had a hard time with the concept of smelling them and not picking them. Over all it was a fun day in a beautiful place with new friends. I wish I had more photos of Emily looking at the camera, but she generally is not into looking at the camera these days. Around 2:00 she got SUPER tired and threw the MONSTER of all tantrums. She screamed for about an hour as I was pushing her and Chloe in the stroller trying to get to the car that was parked VERY far away. People were staring at me with mostly sympathetic looks. One person seemed particularly concerned about our welfare. I looked at her and said, "yeah we are going home...and we may never leave the house again." She started laughing, I have a feeling she was a mom too. I almost got to the car when I realized Emily was missing her shoe. I seriously contemplated leaving it, but decided to go back since I just spent the week looking for the dumb shoes (I finally recovered them from under the couch cushions where Emily had last hid them). Fortunately they were not too far back.

This photo pretty much sums up my Mondays. On Monday I try to get my house back in some semblance of order, catch up on work, laundry, bills, and other mundane tasks this leaves poor Emily to her own devices. In this photo you can see that she has found a black permanent marker and drawn on her face (thankfully sparing the clothes, but violating the "we only draw on paper rule," which gets violated more frequently than I would like to admit). She has thread wrapped around her foot since she has gotten into my thread box and strung about 12 spools of thread from one end of the house to the other. She has also discovered daddy's socks and has spent the last hour pulling them on and off and saying "Daddy's socks yeah!" They go up to her thigh and she usually has on one black one and one white one. It is pretty dang cute.
These photos are from a Monday a few weeks ago. Emily was positively giddy about jumping in my clean laundry. With a face like that who could be mad. Apparently I really like this outfit, since I see some variation of it in just about every photo I have posted today. I swear my kids really do have lots of clothes, just ask my husband he will tell you that I have some kind of kids clothing sickness.
This is Emily's birdhouse that Emily built at Lowes (with some help from daddy). It was a fun and FREE Saturday morning project.
Yesterday we dressed Chloe in this adorable dress from our friends Jeff and Ginny (thanks). I thought she was so cute and who couldn't love these big cheesy grins she was giving us. She has started to giggle a little too. I love being a mom!

Here is Emily at bedtime. I tried to get a cute photo of her holding her favorite book, but she was really not in the mood. She LOVES LOVES LOVES Go Dog Go every morning and every night she brings it to us and says Go Dog Go. The only other book she requests by name is Clifford. What can I say, this kid LOVES dogs (and her mommy, see it is even written on her shirt :-) ).

Emily's best friend in the whole world is Scooter, my mom's dog. This weekend Emily and Scooter decided to go on an adventure when the door accidentally got left open. We found them both cold and wet (it was raining) at my mom's neighbor's house. It was terrifying. I am so glad that she has good neighbors!

The weather is finally nice and we have been hard at work trying to get our yard back in shape after some serious neglect last fall. I will post photos when everything is green and pretty again. The one thing that I can depend on every year is my beautiful daffodils and tulips. I think this is by far the best year yet. The daffodils are so big and beautiful, they make me so happy.
In other news I found something that removes chocolate milk stains (for those of you that have heard my chocolate milk rants). I found this yellow bar of soap (thanks Jodi) called Felz Naptha. It is $1.50 at the grocery store on the laundry aisle. You rub it on, wait for a minute, scrub a bit, and it takes everything out. It is way better than oxy clean or anything else...and did I mention it is $1.50 and lasts forever.
Ok all caught up, sorry for the long post.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Little Chlo Bug

I can't believe how fast time has flown by since Chloe was born. This week she will be three months old. She is a sweet heart and we adore her. She is not a very patient baby and I have a feeling she will have a flare for the dramatic when she grows up. Any time ANYTHING is not quite right in the world she is sure to let you know all about it. She is an amazing sleeper. She goes to bed at about 8:00 I wake her up for a quick snack before I go to bed then she sleeps until I come and get her around 7:30. She absolutely will NOT take a binky, despite my desperate attempts. Most of the day she is pretty happy. She loves her swing and sits and goos at herself in the mirror. She seems to really like music and is soothed by it. She is starting to really love her play mat and will sit and kick at the toys for long periods of time. She hates laying on her tummy. She gets very fussy at night from about 4:00 to 8:00 (which unfortunately is when Ryan is home). She loves faces and will give you big smiles if you sit and make faces at her and rub her tummy. Every day she is more fun and we love having her in our family. I am trying to get some cute pics of both girls, it didn't happen today. We will shoot for tomorrow.

Easter and Other Events

Life has been fun and crazy lately. I will do a longer post after the girls are sleeping, but in the meantime here are some pages from Easter. Don't you love the girls dresses (the last page)? My friend Kate helped me pick them out (thank you Kate). Now I just have to get some family photos where we are all at least looking at the camera!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Doggy Take a Baf

Emily’s dog was filthy so I tried to be sneaky and wash it while she was not paying attention. She caught me and sat in front of the washer crying and mourning for the loss of the dog. She repeated over and over “Doggy out.” I explained that the doggy was dirty and needed a bath. To which she responded by saying “no baf, want dog.” Finally when the washer was finished we got it out. Emily smiled, and repeatedly hugged the dog while saying “Sady (sorry) doggy.” It was so tragic.

Random Life

So the other day I came downstairs to find Emily with a blue marker coloring on her face. The photos below document the disaster and the ensuing bath. Fortunately it was her face and not my carpet. Faces are much easier to clean.
I pretty much adore my girls and I love these photos I took the other day. I am so happy Chloe is finally getting big enough to wear some of my favorite outfits.
Below are photos from Emily playing a round of "Where is Emily?" She loves to hide in the cupboards and then burst out, then we say "there she is!" She then giggles and giggles and the game starts over again. I think she is a lot like her daddy :-)