Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Countdown Begins

Those of you that know me well know that there are few things in the world I love more than Trojan football. No my husband didn't get me into football, in fact it was the other way around. Really I don't know how you can avoid becoming a die hard fan after attending games on the 50 yard line for 5 years. I still vividly recall amazing Carson Palmer passes. When Carson was the QB it felt like anything could happen. Today when I realized that there are only 39 days until we pound San Jose State, my palms got a little sweaty and I started to shake with anticipation! How I miss those long Saturdays at the Coliseum. I can pretty much guarantee you that, as in years past, there will be an upcoming nostalgic post about the joys of college football. I cannot guarantee that I will be well behaved when it comes to Utah, BYU, the BCS, or other topics that Mountain West fans hold dear. Oh I cannot wait for Saturdays in September! I love you Taylor Mays, ok maybe that was over the top.

In other news, today I saw that the bottlenose dolphin that has spent the last 8 months in dolphin rehab recovering from pneumonia was euthanized two hours after its release after being attacked by sharks, that's irony Alanis.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Promises, Promises

Grandma Hales I have been promising you photos for a month now. Here are some of Chloe from the 4th of July.

Almost 2

For months if you ask Emily how old she is she would tell you "almost 2." Well the day has come that she is actually 2 (although if you ask her she will still tell you she is almost 2. Yesterday was her 2nd birthday extravaganza! It was the best day ever.
So this video that I made is 4 minutes long. That is a really long time to watch someone else's kid, so I totally understand if you skip it, but I thought that the grandma's and grandpa's would appreciate it.

Ryan took the day off work and blew up all the balloons for her before she woke up. We heard her stirring and went to wait for her to come out. You can see how the gifts were recieved. Yes the balloons were totally her favorite, but she has spent a considerable amount of time since then with the kitchen.

We spent most of the day getting ready for her birthday bash

Her party was barnyard themed (what can I say the girl loves animals) and it was a joint party with her friend Mikell who's birthday is one day before hers. We had about 14 little kids and about 30 people total. We fished for ducks in the pond (swimming pool), we herded pigs (balloons) into the pig pen (child's playpen), we ran through sprinklers to get plastic eggs with prizes (the water was cold so that was not one of the highlights for most of the kids), and we dug through straw to get candy and plastic horses (note if you choose to try this, DON'T use a whole bale of straw it is WAY too much). The kids had a blast, and I enjoyed it too. Emily got many wonderful gifts that she LOVES from her thoughtful friends (thank you all so much). After she opened one or two gifts I had a hard time getting her to focus on opening the rest, and ended up mostly opening them for her. Melinda made two adorable cakes (a pig for Mikell and a cow for Emily). At the end of the day I realized I took 0 photos, thankfully my neighbor took over 300. I will post some as soon as I get them. At the end of the day we were pretty pooped. It was SOOO much fun thanks to all our friends and family that shared the day with us.

It is also Chloe's half birthday! She is getting so big and so cute. She loves eating baby food (it has taken a while). She is rolling all over the place and has started to scoot around a bit. She is still a fantastic sleeper at night. She loves toys and grabs anything she can get her little hands on. She prefers to be on her tummy and I constantly have to flip her over when she sleeps (although I'm not sure how much good it does, since she flips back over again). She is such a joy in my life and I adore her.

Friday, July 17, 2009

They Called us Salt and Pepper

As I was braiding Emily's hair this morning I was transported back to childhood.
I have one sister. When we were little we were about as different as two people could be. She had long thick blond hair, I had fine short brown hair. She had clear blue eyes, I had boring brown eyes (my brothers liked to say that they were brown because I was full of s*#t). She was shy and quiet, I was LOUD and outgoing. She was ticklish, I was not. Everyone told us I was a mini Annette (my mom) and she was a mini John (my dad). I was jealous of my beautiful little sister. Somehow as big sister and protector I assumed the role of taking the less desirable of the nearly identical items that were always purchased for us. I got the broken one, I got the ugly one. I think I felt compassion for my little sister and let her pick first to protect her fragile feelings (at least that is how I would like to remember it).

My mom would always buy us dolls that looked like us, I would get the ugly brown haired babies and she would get the beautiful blond babies (why is it impossible to make a cute brown haired doll?) One year for Easter when I was about 5 I clearly remember finding the most beautiful blond haired knock off beanbag cabbage patch doll. It had a blue and white striped terry cloth body. Instantly I was in love...then my mom informed me that the doll was actually for my sister "because it had blond hair like Amy's hair." Devastated, I continued to look until I found my ugly brown haired doll with a mustard yellow body! We had those dolls for YEARS and I always remember wishing mine was the blond baby. I am certain that I stole it more than once.

Secretly, I was a little nervous when I had my kids that they would not be cute because there was pretty much no way they were going to have blond hair. I prayed that they would get their daddy's big beautiful blue eyes. I am happy to report that I do think that babies with brown hair are cute. While Emily did get her daddy's blue eyes, Chloe seems to have gotten some funky grey combination of the two of us. Both are beautiful. Both are unique. I think in many ways my girls will be like "salt and pepper." I can only hope that when they grow up they will love each other the way that I love my little sister.

I think Emily's hair-do this morning was some attempt at compensating for a childhood filled with some pretty horrible hair-dos (that's what happens when your mom let's you pick ANY cut out of the magazine).

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Camel Obsessed

So I have a big post with lots of photos planned, but it just hasn't happened yet. I will share one funny Emily-ism though. Emily has become obsessed with camels...That is right I said camels. I don't remember ever really paying them much attention at the zoo (I usually try to skip the sad, matted, molting animals) and I have seen them casually mentioned in a couple of her books, but I am not sure where the new found devotion to the animal is coming from. The other day we were in the car and singing Old MacDonald Had A Farm and I asked which animals she wanted to do we started with dog, cow, pig, duck, then got to the fun ones. She insisted in singing about giraffes, camels, and fish. You try coming up with a sound for a giraffe, camel, and fish while driving, so in the improv spirit I decided that camels make a spitting sound, giraffes stick out their tongue, and fish do the fish lips thing. She LOVED it and now every time we are in the car have to "do camel song."

Emily also likes to "write" words, today she brought me a piece of paper and a pencil and said "draw words" "draw camel." Not sure where the new found love for the mostly yucky looking animal came from, but I guess we will go with it.

In other good news Chloe is now tipping the scales at 14.5 lbs. Not really impressive for a 6 month old, but I am just happy she has gained a pound and a half since our last appointment. She is rolling all over the place and I anticipate that sitting and crawling are not too far off.