Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sledding in August

So I don't want to even discuss the amount of time I have been spending at work lately or that when I get home all I want to do is lay on the couch and pass out. Yesterday I didn't have to go into the office, so I was determined to spend some quality mommy time with my poor abandoned peanuts (thankfully my mom is watching them and not some random stranger). After checking the mail Em and I discovered that my most recent Ebay purchase had arrived. We opened it up and found Emily's snowsuit. She got very excited and wanted to put it on and go "fwimmin." I explained it was a snowsuit not a swimsuit, but did manage to avoid tears by asking her if she wanted to go sledding. She was pretty excited about the idea, so we spent the next hour or so "sledding" in the house, which consists of me pulling her around the kitchen on a blanket and her telling Aunt Bicky to "hold on tight." Aunt Bicky is the elephant. Aunt Vicky gave it to her for her birthday and she instantly was in LOVE with it. We asked her what she wanted to name it and she said "Aunt Bicky" so we went with it. She decided that it was "kinda warm" to be wearing a coat in the house so let Aunt Bicky wear it for the ride.


Somehow my baby is old enough to be eating Cheerios, sitting by herself, and crawling. Wasn't I pregnant with her like 5 minutes ago? She is such a cute little bug though. She loves playing with anything new. Yesterday she started attacking Emily's raisins that she left on the floor, so I decided to give her some captain crunch in her Bumbo chair. She loved it and sat there in heaven for about 20 minutes. This morning she got Cheerios. I was not aware that dry cereal could be that messy.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can I Please Get Off the Boat, Mr. Wonka?

Last night was reminiscent of the scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the Gene Wilder version), where they are in the magical chocolate paradise and get on a boat to tour the chocolate river, everything seems like a wonderful dream until they go into the cave. Suddenly it becomes dark and terrible images start flashing before them. The dream is transformed into a nightmare and everyone wishes they had never gotten on the boat. So last night Emily went to bed with no complaint and no crying (magical chocolate paradise), then we entered the cave about 11:00 pm the FIRST time she woke up. I sat with her until she fell asleep. Then the bad images started to flash before my eyes at about 1:00 am when she woke up screaming AGAIN. I decided not to fight it and just put her in bed with me. After laying in bed with her for 3 hours while neither of us slept I decided to put her in her own bed. That is when things got really bad. She screamed at the top of her lungs for 2 hours! About 15 minutes into it I wondered why I didn't just let her sleep with me, but then it was too late, I was on the boat and just had to see it through to the conclusion...2 hours later she finally fell asleep! With Emily I have learned the hard way that you can never give in when it comes to sleep stuff, if you do, it will just be that much worse next time. I am so not good at picking my battles!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

This summer while my sister was here I was in the mood for blueberry muffins. I asked her to stop at the store and grab some muffin mix on her way to my house. She responded like I had just asked her to eat a booger. Then she informed that mix is not necessary to make muffins, imagine my surprise. She then referred me to the muffin mix recipe that she had given me about five years ago for Christmas. Since then I have made muffins several times without a mix and surprisingly they are pretty good (this morning I made Cherry muffins, yum). Typically my culinary inspiration comes less from The Barefoot Contessa and more from Betty Crocker, Sarah Lee, and Marie Callendar. If it comes from a box, bag, tray, or can count me in!

Along these lines, I am embarrassed to admit that I have never actually sewn an item of clothing entirely by myself. Typically I buy the stuff, cut it out, and wait for my mom to get frustrated enough to finish it for me. Today I saw a tutorial on how to make a girls dress out of a shirt. I scoured my closet, found an old shirt and here are the results.

Emily was not in the mood to model, so this is the best photo I got. I used the cuffs of the shirt to make the bodice (that was my own little invention). I pretty much love the results. Emily is not so sure, but maybe she will be in a better mood later. I am thinking of making a little flower clip to put on the front.

Friday, August 21, 2009

On a Happier Note

Sorry I left my grumpy rant as the last post for so long. Things have been crazy. It was Ry's birthday and Chloe is working on getting mobile. Here are some pages to document the fun.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What Was I Thinking?

I have been working more than usual lately and I have a bunch of deadlines coming up (thankfully Tiff is coming back part time next week!) Yesterday Rick (my boss) asked if I was coming in tomorrow (meaning today), I told him I would, but I didn't have a babysitter. Then he said too bad we can't just pay someone to come to the office and babysit the kids here. Then I said, wait aren't your girls out of school, maybe Marli could come in and watch the girls while I work. It all seemed like a good plan...Holy #@!# (fill in your own expletive here) was I wrong. It was Chloe's nap time so she was having a fit because it seems she can only fall asleep in the car or in her crib. Emily was also having a major melt down, after two hours of massive embarrassment and several phone calls with my kids screaming as background noise I decided that we needed to go home and that we will not be coming into the office again for quite some time. I hate feeling like I am never where I should be; when I am at work I feel like I should be with my kids, when I am home I feel like I should be at work. The lesson of the day, deal with the guilt and DON'T combine the two activities! It was cute that Emily kept calling Marli "Curly" (Marli has very straight hair so it was pretty amusing). She also was also holding her phone up to her ear with her shoulder and multi tasking with her hands just like mommy, I was amused.

I have discovered Chloe's favorite thing in the whole world, she LOVES Otter Pops. She had a fever the other day and I gave her one to cool her down, now every time she sees them she gets so excited, she can hardly wait for me to cut the top off. She also loves playing in the sink/tub after she is done. She LOVES water. She is growing up so fast I am often surprised by the things she knows/recognizes and by the things she can do, I just don't expect her to grow up this fast.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Branching Out

So I am an avid reader of Cheesy Mormon Romance novels. They are very formulaic: girl and boy meet, girl is beautiful (usually blonde and skinny); oy is handsome, smart, and sensitive; girl and boy face some sort of challenge (don't like each other, some one is trying to kill them, they have had some sort of spiritual or financial or medical or family crisis); this challenge is keeping them apart; they pray; they overcome said challenge, and everyone lives happily ever after. One day they can't stand the sight of each other and the next day they are discussing their future children's eye color. Typically this satisfies me. But after consuming hundreds of these novels I feel like I have eaten a whole bag of Cheetos before bed and I am up all night with a grumbly tummy wondering why I ate the whole bag (not that I have done that, but um I can imagine what it would feel like...). Anyway, I am looking to branch out. So far I have not had resounding success with my typical method of finding books. Usually I just go to the library and randomly pick books off the shelves. When looking for Cheesy Mormon Romance novels just look for anything published by Covenant and be sure not to read the summary on the back cover or it will spoil the first half of the book. I have read so many of these using this method that sometimes I check the same book out a second time only realizing I have read it before about 10 pages in. Typically I check out 5 or 6 of these and consume them before the due date.
While attempting to branch out into new genres I HAVE discovered that you SHOULD NOT read anything on the NY Times Best Seller's list, typically this just means the book is trashy. So I am looking for some advice on what I should read next. Hopefully something that will provoke thought, something that can be read in more than one sitting, and something that will not bore me to tears. Remember this is my first real foray into the literary world since college and War and Peace seems a little daunting, but I would be up for some Zora Neal Hurston.

I have a little eye candy as well. Here are a couple of pages I have been working on. I have kicked poor Ry off the computer and have been scrapping away.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blessed Silence?

So this morning I decided that the time had come to get some scrapbooking done. I pretty much have to catch up on the whole summer. Usually when I get on the computer Emily decides it is time for my undivided attention. This morning she went downstairs and the house was silent for about 20 minutes. At that point I called down to Ry, who was taking a nap on the couch, to ask what Emily was doing. Ry didn't answer, but Emily said "I'm colorling." I asked "what are you colorling on?" She answered "Mommy wipe it off, use a wipey." humm, time to investigate. I started walking down the stairs and saw the yellow highlighter in her chubby little hands, my mind started flashing through the many recent highlighter disasters, the blinds, the window sill, clothes...I am happy to report that after a thorough investigation it seems she really only colored on paper! Maybe she is learning, oh wait there was that incident with the pen and her shoes yesterday, oh well she is only 2 for a little while.

Below are some pages from the 4th of July.