Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Already?

So last night was the first real fall evening and this morning we woke up to a real chill in the air. I love love love fall. Love the weather, love the holidays, love the change in the scenery, love the sunflowers that are growing everywhere, love that I get to dress the girls in a whole new wardrobe. I can't believe how quickly this year is flying by.

Chloe is getting so big and so cute! She has started crawling I have had a hard time capturing the exact moment she started crawling because it has sort of evolved over the last month or so. Emily didn't crawl and then one day she saw Ryan's dinner across the room and she crawled to it, that was it, she was a crawler. For Chloe crawling has been more of a evolution, each day becoming a little stronger and more coordinated until she has become a crawling fool. She is pretty fast now and is starting to be into everything. I don't remember Emily putting EVERYTHING in her mouth, I'm sure she did, I just have blocked the memory. Chloe now trolls the floor looking for things left behind that she can devour. As of Sunday she also has her first tooth, and it looks like 2,3, and 4 are not far behind. She is still skinny (16 lbs last time I weighed her), but LOVES to eat solid food, hopefully she will be bulking up now that she can sit and put Cheerios in her mouth for an hour at a time. She is starting to pull up on things, part of me wants to put her back on the floor and tell her "you're too little for that" (I may have once or twice) but I guess I have to let her grow up. She is seriously soooooo happy these days, she has become quite angelic now that she can roam around and play with what ever strikes her fancy. Although she still has many very dramatic moments every day, whenever something is not as it should be in the world. Emily has a hard time with the concept of sharing and usually can be found taking away Chloe's new found treasure. Chloe doesn't mind too much usually and is just happy Emily is paying attention to her. Chloe will give anyone who pays attention a giant smile and a big open mouth slobbery kiss, that feels more like you are being attacked. Chloe is getting more verbal all the time, she used to growl all the time, I really wish I would have caught it on video because it was hilarious. Currently she is more of a squealer, and is starting to babble a little. I have video, but it is at my mom's house so I will have to post more later. Just didn't want the memories to slip away as life passes us by.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wish I Would Have Know that 20 Years Ago

Those of you that have seen my childhood photos know that I have fought a long hard fight with my hair. I have done everything it has ever asked of me including providing it with expensive shampoos, gels, sprays, conditioners...yet the last few weeks we have still been fighting. I really have given it everything, once I spent $50 for a 9 oz bottle of shampoo that was imported from Europe, I have had cuts by stylists that have been published in about every beauty magazine published (they felt that I should pay the same price as Brittney Spears, and grudgingly I obliged), and this came in the Ramen eating days when my hair care costs roughly equalled my rent (well maybe that is an exaggeration). Typically I stock pile shampoo never wanting to deprive my hair of the product it craves. However, this week I ran totally out of shampoo for the first time in memory. I was forced to use Ryan's shampoo that we pick up at Walmart by the cartload for $1.99 a bottle. I was sure my hair would revolt and maybe even fall out. Imagine my shock when in fact the last two days have been the best hair days in weeks...humm I feel kind of foolish. Watch out hair Suave it is for you!