Sunday, October 25, 2009

Meet Arthur

The other night Emily brought me this big ball of string and said “look mom, my Arthur.” Since that evening Arthur has become part of our lives. Arthur gets ready for bed with us, Arthur plays games with us, Arthur is sometimes “sorta silly” when he comes unwound. My mom thinks she was trying to say “look mom, my art work,” but now it seems that the ball of string has become a friend.

I love, love, love fall. I love the weather, I love the leaves, I love the look taste and smell of pumpkins, I love the decorations, I love the holidays, but most of all I LOVE FOOTBALL!!! This year has been madness and I have not devoted the time that I would like to hay rides, pumpkin patches, fruit picking, apple dipping, and other fantastic fall activities. This weekend we tried to remedy that with a trip to the Mayan (a theme restaurant set in the jungle), a trip to the pumpkin patch, a trunk-or-treat party, and a heart-stopping football game. Overall it was a fantastic weekend. These photos are from the Mayan. Em and Chloe were a little scared at first, but after meeting one of the cliff divers Emily was much more excited. Chloe was just happy I let her have some of my dinner.

Can you believe how big she is getting? I think she gets cuter every day. She is so happy and smiley all the time. She finds so much wonder in the world.
More to come soon! We took some new photos for Grandma Hales.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Many of you know that for the past couple of months I have been working on a document at work. It has been pretty all consuming, in the last 8 days I have worked 80 hours. This morning the document was submitted to the client!!!!! I can't tell you how nice it was to spend the day laughing with my girls and catching up on house work that DESPERATELY needed to be done. The laundry far exceeded piles and was more like MOUNDS. The washer has been running non stop for the past 8 hours and I have lots more to go. The dishwasher was empty, not because someone had emptied it but because we had used all the clean dishes out of it. Yeah it was gross. The good news is that things are going to get less crazy from here. I had big fall plans for the week, we are talking hay rides, neighborhood parties, Carmel apples, the works; however, Em seems to have a runny nose and a cough :-( To be safe we spent the day indoors, hopefully she will be up for some fall adventures later in the week. Fall is my favorite time of year and I have been so sad to miss many of my favorite activities. It has been quite an adrenaline rush at work, but I am ready for a few quiet weeks.

Here are some new photos of the girls. Chloe is pulling herself up on EVERYTHING and is never content to be on the floor. She is such a happy little bird!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Problem with a Plan

So I am always coming up with crafty little projects, the problem is that once I conceive them they are often more difficult to implement because finding the perfect materials is nearly impossible. I think I went to every fabric store in the valley to find Chloe's bedding material (thank you Hobby Lobby and mom for finally making my vision a reality). Anyway I have a new project and I need your help...I am making a easel for Emily for Christmas, but I want to make it with an old mirror or picture frame something that would hold a 17x21 inch photo. The more ornate the better. I want to paint it and make it the frame for the easel. I am looking for something for less than $25. If you see anything please let me know!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dear Grandma and Grandpa Hales, and Anyone Else Who Reads This Blog

Sorry I have been so bad about uploading photos and videos. The days have turned into weeks and some how the summer is over and I fear with the recent change in the weather I may have missed the fall too. The girls are growing like weeds and become more adorable every day. Our recent days have been filled with LOTS and LOTS of work; LOTS and LOTS of canning (peaches, pears, plum jam, salsa and italian tomatoes) I have been doing lots of "squirrel stuff" and am mostly saved up for the long winter, a few fall crafts, a saturday project a Lowes building a drum (that resulted in a massive bloody nose when Emily tripped and an even bigger scene), a Saturday trip to Lehi Aquatic Center where both girls spent the afternoon "fwimmin," dinner at Harvest (one of my most favorite resturants), a Friday night date to see Jim Gaffagan (yes he is actually more funny in person), a trip to the zoo to see the baby animals (a new elephant that is ADORABLE, a giraffe, some monkeys, a snow lepord, and two baby tigers), a day at Hollywood Connection with daddy (it is pretty ghetto, but Emily loved the rides), a day with Brayden at the Classic Skating bounce house, a trip with Brayden to Boondocks, lots of sewing (I actually finished 3 dresses and have plans for 2 more), the stomach flu (Yuck), a gas leak that resulted in us being evacuated from our house (good thing we were not home, if it were not for my neighbor I'm not sure I even would have known), 2 teeth for Chloe, and lots of routine stuff that I can't think of. Now you are all caught up. Too bad I have taken almost no photos the last few months. Promise I will get better.

Below is video of Chloe crawling. I can't believe how big she is getting!

Here are some photos from last week, the weather has been so yucky since this morning.

Here is Em's new do. She cut her bangs herself and was quite pleased with the will grow back, at least I keep telling myself that.