Sunday, December 13, 2009

Best Weekend Ever

This weekend was just about as perfect as it could be. On Friday we picked Brayden up from school and came home and made a gingerbread house. Em and Brayden had so much fun. Emily piled most of the candy at the base of the house, but I think it turned out pretty well. I am all about buying gingerbread kits, the frosting works, the gingerbread is flat, and you are done when all the candy is gone!

Saturday we went to Lowes and built Christmas tree ornaments (thanks Viv). This time there were no embarrassing bloody noses and the day was incident free. Em was so excited to "bam on it" (also known as hammering nails). Then we went to South Town mall and rode the train. It was AWESOME both Chloe and Emily LOVED it. The conductor was so cute with the kids and it was a long ride all around the whole mall for $3. Then on our way to see Santa we stopped at the piercing pagoda and pierced both girls ears. They are SO cute and I was surprised at how little crying was involved. A stop at the Hello Kitty store next door was enough to take Emily's mind off of her ears and Chloe just needed a sucker. Then we rode the carousel and saw Santa. There was no way we were going to get the girls to wait in line and I am certain Chloe would FREAK if we tried to get her to sit on Santa's lap, so we just waved at him and the girls were thrilled. To top off the mall visit we got to ride the "alligator" (elevator) three or four times, which is very exciting for Emily. I was surprised at how entertaining the mall could be. I even snuck into a couple of stores (Crazy 8 is having some GREAT sales). The only thing that I was sad about was forgetting my camera.

On Sunday both girls woke up with runny noses and I think they are getting the cold I had last week, so we stayed home from church. I watched the Christmas concert on Music and the Spoken Word, and it was EXCELLENT! Around noon Ry decided we needed to go out and build a snowman (probably not the best for a cold, but Em was SO happy). The snow could not have been better for snowman building. We ended up with a 7 foot tall snowman! Then we came inside and Emily dictated her letter to Santa. It was HILARIOUS it said "Dear Santa, Please bring me candy, presents for me and Chlo Bug, and Grandma and Scooter and Kai Lan, and stars on my belly and back." Where does she come up with this stuff and where am I going to find stars for her belly and back? Sorry for the travel log, it was just a very entertaining weekend and now that my shopping is done, decorations are up, and after the weekend's festivities I am now feeling the holiday spirit! I LOVE Christmas.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Again I have been remiss in the posting. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in St. George with lots of family. I will post photos as soon as I get to them. In the mean time I have some of the girls. We have been able to spend a few days at home together and we have had so much fun. I love to hear the girls giggle and play together (something that is happening more often these days). Emily is so funny. Most days I just watch her and laugh, she is such a little mimic. Last weekend we took her for her first hair cut (an experience her dad still regrets). Chloe is getting so big and will be walking any day now. She has started to stand on her own pretty regularly.