Friday, February 26, 2010

Drive Thrus

Tonight we went to Arbys the girl at the window asked Ryan "do you want any sauces with that?" He said "yeah, horsey sauce." As we were driving away Emily said "I want sheepy sauce." I said "they don't have sheepy sauce." Emily said "Ask the lady." I assured her that they didn't have sheepy sauce, and she was kind of sad.

The other day Ryan pulled up to the drive-thru to order at Taco Time and Em rolled down the window and yelled "um...I would like some diet fries please." Both Ryan and the Drive Thru girl had a pretty good chuckle. Where does she come up with these things.

We took the girls to the pool tonight, this was the first time Chloe really seemed to like the pool. Both girls were sad when we left.

Chloe is such a little character these days. She now says uh oh, up, hi, mama, and tonight I think I heard daddy. She is so full of smiles and laughs. She is SOOOOO ticklish. I have not been a good blogger lately, but such is life. Here is a photo of the girls and I the other day.

Friday, February 5, 2010

ABC Project Continued

I only have 11 pages left. Here is what I have done so far. I can't wait to see the final product!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Little Chloe Bug

Here are some of Chloe's most recent accomplishments (see next post for even more).

Yeah 20th Percentile!

In the last three weeks Chloe has been to the Dr. 3 times (ear infection, suspected peanut allergy, and 1 year well child). She has been in the 16th percentile, the 7th percentile, and today the 20th percentile for weight! Last week was a little scary, but it seems she has made up for it, plus some. She is such a skinny little bird, this is the first time since birth that she has been back in the +20th percentile. She is consistently in the 65th percentile for height. She has started walking all over the place and is so stinkin' cute. She also learned this week how to go down the stairs! Yeah mobility. I HATE crawling. Here are a few cute pics from her B-day.

She was pretty excited about the cupcake!

Chloe's favorite activity is jumping on Em's bed, it is so cute to watch and listen to the girls giggle and jump! I love that they are finally starting to play together. Em still has a hard time sharing and being gentle, but I think it will be a bit easier when Chloe is more steady on her feet so that she is not always pulling up on Emily.
Blowing out the candles. Em got a cupcake too since it was her half birthday. The girls are EXACTLY 18 months apart (almost to the minute).Showing off her mad walking skills, promise video soon!
She was pretty excited about her presents! We love aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Thanks for sharing our fun day.
Grandma Bassett with Chloe and her new baby doll.
How cute is that girl!

MMMM lovin' the cupcake!
Em was a fan too.

Uncle Steve came to visit this weekend and Emily was SOOOO excited to see him. She really wanted to ride on the skateboard but was also kind of nervous. Finally before he left we got outside for a ride. Emily didn't want to get off. They went around the block three times before Steve finally had to call it an evening. Thanks for visiting Uncle Steve, come again soon!