Sunday, April 25, 2010

Joy School Yearbook Continued

Here is the rest. If you see anything that needs to be changed let me know.
I have some more pictures, so I am considering adding a couple of extra pages.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Joy School Yearbook

I thought I would post the joy school year book progress for the other mom's (and for anyone else who cares :-) ) I am through Melinda and Sarah's photos. Starting on Melanie's and Viv's. Let me know if you see anything you want changed.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Part One

We went to St. George for Easter. It was so much fun. Here are the pages leading up to easter (the last two are using the new Shabby Princess kit, and I am LOVING IT). I have a bunch more to do, but I thought I would at least get a start. I want to hurry and finish so that I can start on Em's joy school yearbook, I know I am a freak!

Also in the last week Chloe has decided that she can talk she can now say poop (that is her favorite and it is really funny), light, night night, duck, tickle and is working on a couple others too. She is starting to really show her personality and LOVES to make us laugh. She giggles all the time and is OH SO dramatic. We pretty much adore her.

Also I make these little phonics flash cards for Em (and the other kids at school). They have 6 end cards (AT, AN, AR, UG, AKE, AIL), and 24 start cards with the beginning of the word and a picture (e.g., pic of cat and C), then you put the cards together to make words. Now I am going to print them at Inkley (they have 6 cent tues and wed) and bind them. Then the kids can change the cards to make words. We will see how it all works out.