Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies and Other Important Topics

My Brother-in-law predicted that once I started working full time the blog would fall by the wayside. I assured him this would not be the case...two months later, I think he might be right. I just haven't really had the material, I could enthrall you all with discussions of lane widths and traffic counts but somehow I don't think you care.

The summary of how things are going, for those of you that do care about our amazingly fascinating existence, is that having a house husband is AWESOME. Tonight I reached into the magically refilling silverware drawer to find the forks empty for the first time since....well since I was in charge of doing the house work. Ryan is amazing. He has schedules, goes to playgroup, does the dishes, took Chloe to the doctor, makes me breakfast and dinner, packs me a lunch most days, learned several Julia Child recipes, fixed the smoke detectors that have been broken for a year, put salt in the water short he is the best wife a girl could ask for. The girls are happy, I am happy, and things are generally pretty great. I miss spending a whole day with the girls doing anything we want, I miss hanging out with my mom and my friends, I miss hanging out in my jammies until noon, I miss craft days, I miss never setting an alarm, I miss doing the girls hair, and lots of times I come home from work and I am just tired, but overall its a pretty small price to pay.

In the spirit of being the awesome house husband that he is, I just noticed that he picked up two packages of the Keebler knockoff girl scout cookies (they are an amazing replication of the real thing and about $1.50 a box cheaper). He clearly bought them for me because he knows that I love girl scout cookies. Part of me is thinking awwww how nice, the other part of me is wondering if I should tell him about the 5 boxes of girl scout cookies that I might have stashed at the office. When I bought them I fully intended to bring them home, one week and two packages of knock off cookies later I am wondering if I should just leave them at the office like I did last year.

I didn't intend to eat all three boxes last year, it's just by the time I got around to bringing them home there was only 1/2 of a box left, and really who wants a 1/2 of a box of girl scout cookies in April? So I just did us all a favor and polished them off. This year however, I bought FIVE boxes plus the two boxes of knock off cookies...not sure I can keep all of them a secret, not sure I will even like girl scout cookies when all is said and done. I guess that would solve the problem for next year.