Sunday, April 17, 2011


We are so happy it is finally starting to feel like spring. Today was a beautiful day and the girls spent hours running around in the back yard in spring dresses! Hopefully Spring will decide to stick around for a while. We have missed the sunshine. Below are some photos of what we have been up to lately. For my birthday I decided to redo my bedroom. I am pretty happy with the results...well except for the one pillow I am still not finished with. I am a good starter, it is the finishing I struggle with :-) Ry is not sure about the new skirt. He thinks it looks like something that came out of his grandma's house. I am not sure how I feel about it. Most of the time I tell myself it is vintage, other times I wonder what was I thinking at the fabric store. I am pretty proud of the pillows. The curtains.
The girly's painting in the tub, edited so that I don't get in trouble.
A fun afternoon at Hollywood Connection. Chloe LOVED the carousel and wanted to ride every animal.
The last time we had joy school at our house :-( Em has LOVED school and being with her friends.
Chloe is such a sweetie, so far the terrible twos are far from terrible. She is a little whiny, but I prefer whiny to CRAZY fits like her older sister. At 18 months I remember asking the pediatrician if there was something wrong with Emily, after some knock down drag out fights we had. Chloe is much more mild mannered, thank goodness.
The girls started dance. They are ADORABLE!!!! I haven't captured photos of Em in her dance outfit somehow, but these of Chloe on her first day were pretty dang cute.
Chloe playing with Cootie. This brings back fun memories of playing cootie at my grandma Bassett's house when I was a little girl. I hope my girls have good childhood memories, like I do.
I promise more photos soon (likely after Easter). I also will post photos of my new hair bows. What can I say, I am obsessed again. This time with felt. I had no idea how awesome felt could be :-)