Sunday, June 12, 2011

Never Enough Time

As usual things have been crazy. I have been working, crafting, mommy-ing, planting, and generally enjoying the warm weather. I have NOT been taking photos though. So I have been trying to correct that over the last several weeks. Below are some of my favorite Emily-isms

Emily: " Mom I brought these fries back for my pet seagull."
She then goes into the back yard and yells "Here Shrinky Dinky Boom Ray, come get your fries."
Yep she named her "pet" seagull Shrinky Dinky Boom Ray.

Emily: "Mom I don't want you to go to work"
Me: "I have to go to work or my boss will get mad at me."
Emily: "Mom let's call the police and have him go to jail 'cause he is mean!"

Me: Emily, don't climb on the furniture, only monkeys climb on the furniture. Do you want to go live with the monkey's at the zoo?"
Emily: YES!
Me: You have to sleep outside.
Emily: Ok
Me: Monkey's fling poo (yep I said that).
Emily: I will give them spankins and tell them no.
Me: Ok tomorrow you can move to the zoo.

Text from Ryan at about 10:00 am. "Emily has packed two bags and says she is moving to the zoo."

Lesson: Don't make idle threats.

Oh there are so many more, I wish I could remember them all. She is so smart and stubborn and cute. Half the time I feel like I am negotiating with a terrorist, the other half the time I can't believe how kind and funny she is. She is starting to be so much more helpful.

Chloe is in the not so terrible two stage. Generally she is happy and easy going. She has recently taken to throwing fits, but can usually be dissuaded pretty easily (unlike her sister who has no problem with a two hour screaming and crying jag).

Chloe is so chatty and loves to sing songs from TV (maybe that should be a message to me but whatever). She LOVES to dance and is always grooving when the music is on.

The girls just finished a dance class and had a little recital up the canyon (pics below). I have to say it was clear they are MY girls. Emily was always one step behind and just opposite of everyone else. Chloe would not stand on the stage, instead she stood directly in front of the teacher and did all the little moves. They were so stinkin cute.

We started swimming lessons, the first lesson was a DISASTER, but we have been talking about next week and I hope that things will go better this time.

Chloe is all smiles!
My Darling Girlies. Em really is not trying to choke her.
My nothing bunt cake. MMMMMM it was so good. I can't believe how easy it was to make.
Ry got seeds for the garden and left them on the counter. A few day's later Emily came in from outside and informed us that she had planted the garden (it was February). A few months later we started getting little patches of veggies. Here is a patch of carrots and beans. I thought it was so funny I couldn't even be mad.

One of my favorite things about spring is the giant blooms on my lilac and snowball bush that I get to bring in the house and enjoy.
The dance recital. Yep Em is the blur on the left not doing anything resembling the moves the rest of the class is doing.

Here is Chloe standing 1 foot in front of her teacher.

Little Chlo Buggy.

Emmy pre show.

Me and my girlies. Chloe is not really one for posing for photos.

Em however, loves to pose :-)