Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Princess Emily

To kick off Emily's birthday we went to see Cinderella with two of Emily's best friends. So far the birthday festivities have been going strong for 2 weeks, we just keep telling her all the fun stuff we are doing is for her birthday (fireworks, cabin trip, Cinderella play, hanging out with Aunt Lisa, and birthday party). Poor Chloe will be so disappointed when she doesn't get two weeks of nightly fireworks and three cakes to celebrate her birthday.

Anyway... Here are some photos from our Mommy daughter day when we went to see Cinderella and a few other random photos from the last couple of weeks.

Who said it was ok for this little bug to grow up? I can't believe she is two and a half. I keep telling her she is still a baby, but even I can't convince myself anymore.

She does LOVE her blankey and her thumb. And I still think they are pretty cute habits.

Such a big girl. Like the skirt? I made it. It was super easy. I think I might make a bunch more.

First attempt at the birthday cake. Ya it was a disaster. Good thing I did a trial run well in advance. Attempt #2 at least came out of the pan, it just tasted like crap. Here's to attempt #3.

Emily's ensemble for her friend Mikell's birthday party. It includes three necklaces, three bracelets, a crown, high heels, a purse, sun glasses and a Snow White dress. She was so excited to go she even sat on the steps outside our house in all her princess glory holding Mikell's present for 10 minutes, asking every minute or so if it was time to go yet.

The king crowning her and trying on the glass slipper before the play started.

The prince dancing with her, she LOVED the prince.

Sitting with Cinderella in her carriage.

Announcing Princess Emily.

Me and my favorite princess.

Hinckley and Tiffany, Mikell and Melinda, Emily and I.

The girls with our adorable princess guide. She was SOOOO nice to the girls.

Princess tea!

Look we have tickets!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pre-Party Neuroticism

So it is well documented that when it comes to birthday parties I loose my mind. I always over do. The good news is that I accept this about myself. The better news is that my husband accepts this about me. Emily's birthday is rapidly approaching, so I have been asking her for months what type of party she wanted. After a million different answers I finally settled on a "under the sea" theme. Emily is still informing me of the other ideas she has for the party, the latest of which included a dog party and a "boys only" party. I put the kibosh on the "boys only" party by telling her that if she had a "boys only" party she would not be able to come. I haven't quite been able to talk her out of the dog party yet, but I'm sure her mood will change and she will want some other type of obscure party.

Thanks to Pinterest, the best website in the whole world, I have more ideas than even I can implement. The first phase of the party insanity involved invitations...

The invitation is a message in a bottle with seashells and gummy fish in the bottom. I always get anxious about the party list. Am I leaving anyone out, will anyone be offended? So I have implemented a firm "ask the child for the invitation list and go with it" policy. So if I have offended you, I'm sorry...speak to the child about it :-)

In other news things have been busy and fun around here. We have been to Seven Peaks water park several times (as an act of mercy I have not included photos of me in a swimsuit). The girls LOVE being in the water. Ry and I have enjoyed it too.

A new cousin was born last month, and she is a darling little monkey that ALMOST makes me want another little peanut....Almost but not quite.

Someone sprinkled magic fairy dust on Emily and she the amazing temper tantrums have nearly ceased. Her imagination is AMAZING. She is always making up the funniest stories and alter egos, I love it. Below is a photo of one of her kitchen creations from this weekend. It is a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich. Where does this kid come up with this stuff.

Another fairy seems to be responsible for the devout friendship that my two girls seemed to have developed lately. There is nothing better than hearing these two girls giggle and play together. Em is becoming a very good big sister. Chloe has such a sweet and funny personality. She is a pretty easy going kid, but definitely likes mom over everyone else in the world.

See what I mean about the pretend and creation phase?