Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Not Dead Just Getting Back Into the Swing Of Things

Hummm, so if I leave the wall paper as it is, it will be relevant again in a few months.  Wow it has been a whirlwind few months.  In February we started talking about the possibility of moving.  In March I finally decided that I WANTED to leave my job in SLC, in April we made the trek to Seattle to see if the Pacific Northwest was a good fit, while we were here for two weeks we listed our house, bought a new house (under construction), and sold our house in SLC...That was in a matter of 3 days.  Then we went back to SLC packed up all our stuff and moved to Snoqualmie Washington (a suburb of Seattle).  We have been here since Memorial Day weekend.  We love it.  Snoqualmie Ridge is a lot like Pleasantville.  Perfect little houses, a quaint Main Street, and lots of seemingly perfect families that are "just like us." I have not located any clone robots, but we don't know our new friends that well yet...maybe they are actually clones :-) There are lots of trails and parks, there is a waterfall that is pretty amazing two minutes from our house and within minutes we are in the country were we can pick berries and hike for miles (you know I am a hiking kind of girl).  It has been a good move for us and we are happy.  We miss our friends and family SOOOO much. Everyone is invited to come for a visit after we move into the new house at the end of October.

Here are some highlights from the last few months. 

This is the house we are building (it is not this one, but it looks like this one)
 These are the finishes that I painstakingly picked out.  Wow it was quite the challenge.
 Emily entertaining herself with the sticker book on the trip up here. 
 Awesome kids haircut place that we found in Issaquah.
 Washington State History Museum, such a fun trip to Tacoma.
 Chahuliy glass museum in Tacoma, so cool.
 Port of Tacoma.
 Snoqualmie Falls (right by our house, 260 foot drop, wow)
 Kids Quest Children's Museum.  The BIG kid (Ry) also enjoyed building/boobie trapping one of the exhibits.
 Chloe played til she dropped. Such a fun place on a rainy day.
 Missing Grandpa on Father's Day.
 We love Grandpa.
 Seeing Brave in Bellevue. 
 Visiting the beach in a down pour...Ya this was not my best idea, but I was getting a bit stir crazy.
 Swimming is one of our favorite activities and the girls want to go EVERY day.
 Em showing off her muscles.
 4th of July train ride on the ridge.
 Carnival on the ridge.
 Chloe loved the pony ride.
 Hanging out with our future neighbors on the 4th of July!
 A visit to Baxter Barn, we fed bunnies, goats, horses, and rode the tractor.
 tractor rides at Baxter Barn
 Picking berries at Remlinger Farm.  Sooooo yummy.
 Big yummy berries!
 Chloe couldn't wait to eat them.
 Riding the mono-rail to the space needle.
 The space needle on a BEAUTIFUL day.
 Hanging out with Tiff at the Space Needle and Pike's Peak.
 Berry Picking.
 Emily's fifth birthday!


garhales said...

We are so happy your big move is turning out so well. We are eager to come visit!

Jodi said...

So glad you guys are loving Washington. And now I can't wait to see all your new projects...that table looks so exciting!